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2006 Blenko Collectors Society Convention Wrap Up

Photos courtesy of: www.blenkocollectors.com


This years was a smashing success with lots of things to do, great people everywhere and gorgeous glass all around.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the photos.


The Society is welcomed to Milton with open arms.


Steve Bair & Barry DiLibero on Good Morning West Virginia.


Kay Homburg dressed up the outside of the Visitors Center with lovely flowers and glass.


The first peek at the 2006 Collectors Piece is upstairs in the Visitors Center.

Stained Glass Class

The Stained Glass Class graciously taught by Don Lemley was a big hit again this year.

Walk Through Factory Tours

Walk through factory tours were given by Mickey McDonald. If you ever come to get the walk-through tour, make sure you get Mickey.


Mickey shows us the Shepherd Penguin mold.


Carving a mold.

Mike Stratton grinding a 'Fire & Ice' vase.

Retired Workers

Some retired workers came in again to make pieces for the collectors. Names were drawn at the reception after the Show and Sale on Saturday and if your name was drawn, you could pick a piece, purchase it, and bring it home!


Les Womack & Shorty Finley


Raymond Lewis, Shorty Finley & Dave Osburn

Current Workers

Of course, everyone was entertained by the current workers too.


Perry Bays


Randy Rider

Dave Osburn & Robert Kelly

The Annual Meeting

I love short meetings.


Off to set up for the convention- We had lots of help and it went very quickly. Thanks to:

Aimee & Wayne Bolt, Cheri Ooten, Drema Wood, Keith Wood, Dawn Weber, Pam Howard, Andy Pratt, Tammy Kosla, Barry & Teri DiLibero.

If I forgot anyone, please let me know, I will add you.

Convention - Friday included registration, mingling, and lots of laughs with members of the Blenko family, designers and workers from the factory.

Items that Blenko generously put up for a raffle.


Roger, Caroline, Wanda, Barry & Mr. Blenko.


Shorty Finley & Teri DiLibero.

John Pollman & Christy Gibson.

Bill Kelly & Mr. Blenko.


Dawn Weber explaining to Wes Hines what Blenko pieces she is missing.

Winslow signs a book.

Thanks to Drema Wood for the wonderful display of all the colors of Blenko.

Convention Presentations:

All were excellent and informative. With a relaxed and jovial atmosphere, everyone seemed to have a very good time. Thanks to ALL of the presenters for their time, preparations, and willingness to share with other collectors.

Mr. William Blenko opens the convention with some really funny jokes.


Walter Blenko introduces himself to the collectors and explains his new role with the Blenko Company.


Drema and Keith Wood did an amazing presentation of all of the Blenko colors through time.

Drema also included common mistakes that new collectors make when they are out scouring eBay, sales & the like.

Tim built a 'Blenko Collectors' Database that is customized for Blenko Collectors to use to document their collections. Bravo!

He also gave the software to everyone for FREE.

Dawn Weber's presentation was about how to take great pictures of Blenko, and a bunch of 'DO NOTS' when taking photos.


Gene Weekley: The new General Manager of the Blenko Company.

Randy Rider & Perry Bays gave a fantastic and funny presentation about how optics are done in glass and then answered a myriad of questions about glassblowing in general.

Including Randy showing us what can happen when glass isn't evenly blown all around...


Audience participation was encouraged and received well. Starting with Walter Blenko.

  Richard Blenko was there to reprise his presentation from last year with a great slideshow of Blenko family history. After the presentations, and while people were making their clay tiles, Wes Hines and a lot of people stuck around to play a game. I'm so embarrassed. We didn't get a photo of the game. I guess everyone was just having too much fun playing the game!
Meg Childers' Tile Class

Meg Childers came in and did a class making clay tiles with Blenko cullet. When you get yours, please feel free to email a photo so we can see the finished product.

Saturday - The 'Famous' Vintage Blenko & other Collectible Glass Show & Sale  

Diana Dickson mans the registration table.


Setting up the glass.


Steve Bair at his table.


Heidi Wehrheim and her table.



Dawn Weber's table.


Lillian and John Pollman perusing the aisles.

Great customers!


John Nickerson had a booth set up also.

Nickerson Glassworks

As usual his perfume bottles are a big hit.

Teri DiLibero & John Nickerson in front of his beautiful bowls.


After sale cleanup and raffle signing. Here Walter Blenko signs the Tropical Mist piece that Ellen & Rick Huston won in the raffle.

Thanks to everyone that helped us clean up quick! There was a wedding reception right after we were done.
Saturday after the sale:

The Blenko Company welcomed everyone back to the Visitors Center for refreshments, good conversation and the 'Retired Workers' piece drawing.


Here are the pieces that the drawing was for. All made by retired Blenko workers and all spectacular.


Mr. Blenko pulls a name from a Nickerson bowl and Blenko Collectors Society President, Tammy Kosla calls out the name.

Retired Worker piece winners

What to pick???

Play time!

Of course there was lots of time to just hang out with friends, old and new.


William Blenko Jr. & his friend Delores Hogan


Drema Wood, Dawn Weber, Cheri Ooten & Pam Howard

Andy Pratt


Raymond Lewis

Barry DiLibero, John Nickerson & Jane Nickerson


Winslow Anderson, Barry DiLibero & Kay Homburg


President Tammy Kosla & Vice President, Karin Alonzo.

Fabulous finds and other things!

Of course, lots of people went SHOPPING! I have a few pics of some of the finds here. If you have a photo you would like to submit of some great bargain you found at the convention, please email it to me.


Here's Dawn holding the pear that she found and subsequently left in a cubby hole in the VC.  Angie rescued it today and is holding it until Drema visits Blenko again.

I won't disclose prices... You need to come next year to find out yourself.

Packing to go home. Here Aimee & Wayne contemplate how everything will fit in their truck.


Barry & Teri have a similar problem and a smaller vehicle.

Barry puts the last thing in Tammy Kosla's truck. A hand truck.

The Huston's win the prize though for the most packed vehicle. When this picture was taken, they still had 14 boxes in their hotel room.

  Photographs by: Diana & Brien Dickson, Pam Howard & Teri DiLibero  




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