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Blenko Color Comparisons

This page is for color comparisons since there are a few Blenko colors that are easily confused by sellers. Hopefully, this will help the collector be able to tell the difference.

Olive Green, Chartreuse & Olive


Olive Green, Chartreuse, Olive, & Emerald


Olive Green, Olive


Olive Green, Pine, Emerald


Sea Green & Aqua


Nile & Aqua


Antique Green, Surf Green & Sea Green


Juniper & Aqua


Jade & Nile

Pine & Emerald

Alpine & Emerald

Teal, Seafoam, Sea Green, Surf Green

Sea Green, Surf Green

Teals, Surf

Celery & Jungle

Pine & Grass

Pine & Grass

Pine, Sea Green & Grass

Alpine & Juniper

Alpine & Pine

Juniper & Pine

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