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Blenko Museum of Seattle Opening

The following pictures were taken by John or Tammy Kosla during the opening for the Blenko Museum of Seattle. Scroll down for pictures and please click on them for a larger view.
About the museum:

The Museum was located in an antique mall. John and I flew there exactly one month after 9-11-01, on 10-11-01 it  was not the most recommended day to fly. To be honest I wanted to go to Seattle but tried to back out several times. With the encouragement from Jane, Wanda and my husband, I decided to go. I am sorry I missed the closing of the Museum due to the closing of the mall it was located in. Bill Agle had a wonderful collection of Blenko.

While there for the Museum opening Jane and Wanda were lucky enough to have attended an event hosted for Dale Chihuly. Traveling around Seattle with these two wonderful ladies was awesome. We met wonderful people during this event including collectors that drove down from Canada. 


Tammy Kosla

Some of the things the Kosla's purchased in the mall that the museum was located.





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