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Click on a color name or a thumbnail photo to take you to a sample page that includes pieces and information about the years the color was produced.
Alpine Amber Amethyst Aqua Antique Green

Apricot Avocado Azure Cased Topaz Celery






Crystal Desert Green Dusty Rose Ebony Emerald

Ginger Gold Grass Honey Ice Blue

Jade Jonquil Jungle Juniper Kiwi

Lavender Lemon Lilac Lime Marine Crystal

Midnight Blue Mulberry Nile Olive Olive Green

Opaline Yellow Orchid Peacock Persian Pine

Same as Yellow


Plum Ros Ruby Sapphire Seafoam

Sea Green Sky Blue Slate Surf Green Tangerine

Teal Topaz Turquoise Violet Wheat


Same as Opaline Yellow






Specialty Colors
Winter Evergreen Lemon Swirl Tequila Sunrise    



Color Comparisons
Reds, pinks & Purples Yellows & Browns Blues  Greens Others




Different Blenko Finishes- Plain, Crackle & Frost

Pontils! Pontils! Pontils!

A poem about Blenko  



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