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"Little Gems of Knowledge" for people that are paying attention!
The main ingredient in making glass is sand. Glassmakers call this silica. Other main ingredients are Soda Ash and limestone.  
  Lehr is the place where the glass item is placed as soon as it is finished being made. The lehr has conveyor belts that move along bringing the glass slowly through the cooling process.
Interesting Tidbit: On page 9 of Leslie Pina's book "Blenko Cool 50s & 60s glass". Top left photo, the lady in the front looking on is Jane Nickerson who is the wife of former Blenko designer John Nickerson and better known as the 'Jane' written on the cover of most of the catalog reprints found in Leslie Pina's Blenko Catalog reprint books.  
  Some tools used in making glass are:  The block paddle and cut down tools, or jacks for blowing,  straight shears, and diamond shears for finishing. Plus the most famous of all, the Blowpipe.




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