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1947 - 1953 Winslow Anderson

Winslow Anderson's first designs appear in the 1948 catalog.

Click on the photos for a larger view. Samples of Winslow Anderson designs Click on the photos for a larger view.


After leaving Blenko, Winslow became the designer and design director at Lenox. While at Lenox, Winslow was responsible for some of the most beautiful designs this company ever produced. The examples shown here were made during his career at Lenox. Some he personally designed and some he oversaw production.
Samples of Anderson's Blenko Designs
  Forest of Winslow Anderson 920's.
Before Blenko: This plate was designed by Winslow Anderson during his years at Alfred and is dated on the back 'Winslow Anderson class of 1943'. This dates the plate to before WWII.
In 1946 William Blenko, Sr. decided it was time to hire a resident designer. He contacted Alfred University's College of Ceramics in Alfred, NY to see if they had any promising prospects. The school recommended Winslow Anderson. Winslow started as Blenko's first designer when he graduated from Alfred. Before leaving Blenko in 1952, Winslow designed most of the 1953 line. During his time at Blenko, Winslow Anderson designed many well known and now very collectible pieces for the Blenko Handmade Company.

Center: Anderson during his sophomore year at Alfred in 1941 shortly before leaving for the war.

Winslow left Blenko in 1953 and was hired at Lenox China in Trenton, New Jersey as their Design Director and Designer. Anderson stayed with Lenox until his retirement in July 1980.

"I have been a man of leisure since." - Winslow Anderson Jan 21, 2004

Winslow Anderson died on December 10, 2007


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