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Blenko Designers

Blenko Designers (From left to right )- John Nickerson, Matt Carter, Winslow Anderson, Wayne Husted and Hank Adams

For more information about a designer, please click on a name to see their page.

Winslow Anderson

1947 - 1953



Wayne Husted

1952 - 1963

Joel Myers

1963 - 1970


John Nickerson

1970 - 1974

Don Shepherd

1974 - 1988 (April)

Hank Adams

1988 - 1994


Trey Gott

1995 - 1996

Matt Carter

1995 - 2002




There was no designer for the 1995 catalog. Some of the items in the 1995 catalog are Hank Adams, but he did not design the line.

John Nickerson

Wayne Husted

Hank Adams

Each had designs in 2003

A team of Blenko employees designed together from:

2003 - 2006


Hank Adams



The Bayliss Design Team





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