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John Nickerson's first designs appear in the 1971 catalog.

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New Works: by Nickerson

John Nickerson has continued his artistry in glass to the present day. His work is desired worldwide and his Blenko past is only a precursor to his present glass wizardry.


Please visit Mr. Nickerson's current web site and be inspired by his new work.

Nickerson Glassworks

Blenko: by Nickerson


Charisma 1972 Consorzio 2003-05
Shorty Finley & John Nickerson working in the shop.
1971 John Nickerson Designs-


There are 2 designs in the 1975 line that John Nickerson designed, the 7510 & 7511 .
712s, 712m, 712L, 714, 7111, 7112, 7119, 7120, 7124s, 7124m, 7124L, 7125, 7126, 7127, 7143s, 7143m, 7143L, 7177.


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