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Special Feature from the Blenko Collectors Society Convention- Dawn Weber
At this years convention, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing Dawn Weber. She was a powerhouse and made everything run like a well oiled machine. We thought we would put together a page of some of the things she was doing.
Click on the photos for a larger view.

Helping get the signage out.

Working in the office.


She found time to go shopping for Blenko...

New shipping maven?


Stocking shelves in the Visitors Center.


Strategizing for the convention

She found time to blow a piece of glass.


Convention set up and tear down.

She let everyone know what pieces she is looking for.


A great presentation on photography.


She even came to dinner after a long day at the factory.

Of course, Dawn's booth is always a BIG hit at the convention.


Lots of great pieces and even better prices.

 There was a wedding across the street on Saturday, I really kind of expected to see her over there too.

Dawn also surprised everyone this year with a dramatic weight loss. Of course she made it sound easy. Well, after seeing her do everything this week, for her I bet it was.
Dawn at the 2005 convention. The 2006 convention.
From Dawn:
I joined a website called to help me on the long journey of losing weight .  Feel free to e-mail me ( if you'd like more details. I love to share!





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