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Newest Blenko Employee for 2007????

Dave Tennant


First day of convention, Dave was out on the field helping inflate Flighthouse. 6:00 AM man... Too early for any 'sane' Blenko collector!

Inside Flighthouse. Dave took this photo I think while running the fan.


Dave even got into the balloon.

He is still with us.

Dave clocks in.


Dave helps out in the Antique Department.

He even runs the forklift. What could possibly be next???


Oh, he makes the people working the convention look bad by arranging flowers at the 4H building.

Mere minutes later Dave is in the Design Studio helping the Bayliss Design Team!


After a long morning (since about 3:00AM) he takes a well deserved break in the break room. Love those legs!

After break, Dave is seen in the Grinding Department...


and the Mold Making Department


Then off to the shops!

Who even suspected that he can also be


the Night Watchman?

Then, he makes even the ladies in the office look less than stellar.


Did anyone notice the wonderful painted water bottles on the street???

Ok, this is where we draw the line! The Blenko 4 get a photo together after 3 years.

Who thinks he will be number 5????





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