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The Long and Joyful reunion of two long lost loves.
A Long time ago back in 1955 two cats were made at Blenko. They were very fond of each other. Soon a few little ones came into their lives. Then all of a sudden for no reason they were split up! They were shipped to many different states. Over time Veda mommy cat was able to locate her three babies Pat, Trouble, and their sister Autumn and bring them to live with her but Bux daddy cat had not been seen or heard of in many years.
Then one day Veda saw Bux on eBay! She was so happy! The only problem was when the person that was trying to find Bux a new home said he was in an accident and broke his tail. Oh Veda was so worried but she had to have Bux back home with her!
It happened Linda who listed Bux was finally going to send him to his family. The family that invited the Cat family to live with them has a few friends in California Vicki, Theresa, Harris, and Helen so she asked who was the closest to Bux? Her dear friend Vicki was the closest! Vicki started out on the long journey to pick up Bux along with her husband and son Charlie. Charlie was excited because Bux was living on the California coast over by the ocean and Vicki said we are going to the ocean!
Charlie knew as soon as they picked Bux up he would be able to play with him. He dreamed of making sand castles and even walking in the pacific ocean's water... Oh he was so excited.
They finally made it! We have Bux yelled Charlie! Can we go to the ocean now? Of course said Vicki!
Here we have Vicki and Charlie in the ocean While Bux is watching from the sand
Charlie decided to join Bux in the sand and work on that sand castle he dreamed of. Bux really enjoyed his day at the beach with his new friends
He loved the ocean and the breeze Then it was time to go to Charlie's home so Vicki could pack him for his long journey to be with his family. (The whole process can be seen on the link How to pack your glass to arrive safely.
On March 27th Bux was picked up in Merced, Ca. That afternoon he was in Fresno, Ca. Two days later he was getting closer to home because he was in Salt Lake City, UT. Then on March 30th he was in South Bend, IN. he knew he was so close and by the time he got to Arlington Heights, IL he knew he would be home in a matter of hours.
Finally the truck pulled up in front of the cat family house! Trouble, Pat, and Autumn were so excited but not as excited as Veda was. It had been such a long time since she saw Bux. Veda took a picture as the truck pulled up she knew her Bux was finally home.
Blackjack knew there was a cat inside but was not sure if it was another glass one or a furry one.
Then Drema had to see if she could tell.
But the Cat Family knew!
Trouble and Pat opened the box and started going through all the great packing Vicki did.
Oh the Cat family was so happy! Winter in the background was not so excited.
The Cat family was back together after all these years. One of the first things they decided they needed was a professional family photograph taken. The boys all cleaned up and the ladies of the house even put on pretty cat jewelry.
The accident Veda was so concerned about turned out to be nothing. Bux's tail was just fine. Linda who was trying to find him a home was just being very protective of where he would go and wanted to be sure he was loved. She knew some people only wanted perfect cats but also knew the perfect family was out there that would love him the way he was. Turns out Bux only scratched his tail while being made so that scratch was with him even at Blenko when Veda and Bux first met.
Cast of Characters
Veda played by Harris Miller's cat
Bux played by Terry Gartman's cat
Trouble played by Teri D's cat
Pat played by Drema Wood's cat
Autumn played by Tammy Kosla's cat

Kurn, Worf, and Lursa played by Tim Alonzo's cats


Trouble says, "I'm the coolest"...
Disclaimer: Trouble says he is NOT responsible for the editorial at the end of the page.
Alright... Apparently, Trouble has caused quite a stir. Sheesh... And this was supposed to be a story of a family getting back together. ...
My dad showed me where Trouble thinks he is the "Coolest"
Well, my Dad let's me play with his Blenko! I bet you can't top that! So I am responsible, dependable, and mature.
Okay so Veda is Mature and Trouble is cool. Autumn says, "Well, I am a princess!"
The Blenko Four is an equal opportunity Cat Fancier. In no way do we discriminate against Non Blenko or Odd Looking cats.

Kurn, Worf and Lursa

The NEW guy just can't take my fish!




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