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This site is just like Blenko -- colorful, lively, and fun! Plus it is easy to navigate and filled with
good info. Thanks!- Leslie Piņa
  It's the best internet resource for Blenko and related information.- Hollywood Collector, Harris Miller
WOW!!! I love the site. Don't have time this morning to be doing this, but you hooked me!!! I'll mark it on my favorites and come back. I especially liked the "Is it Blenko" and colors!! - Bellevue, Ohio  
  I just looked at your web page and it is fantastic! I loved the designer area. All the guys together like that was great. - David Osburn (interim Blenko designer)
 It just keeps getting better & better. I managed to get to it & checked everything out. You've done great work--All of you, please pass on my congratulations. Way to go!!!- Deborah  
  Your site is REMARKABLE!!  I hope you truly don't mind us linking to it - it seems like such a wonderful resource for Blenko addicts that I wanted to share the good news.- eBay seller
Hi.  I wish to commend you and the others on your special website about Blenko glass.  It's rich, colorful, nice to look at, and very informative. A real treasure.   I like the colorful buttons to help in navigation.  I'm also pleased you are going to create a link to Greenwich Flint-Craft.  Thank you.  I know all the information posted is accurate because I know your character and  devotion to accuracy. Good Job. Best of Luck.- Sandi Connally, Tom Connally's wife.  
  Greetings!  I really like your new site and I think it nicely complements the other Blenko collecting website.  I especially like the way the colors are laid out.  Here are a color comparisons that I'd like to see on your site:  Jade vs. Nile and Aqua vs. Juniper.  I have a very hard time distinguishing between the two, so any help is appreciated!- Dave
I really love your site.  It's really informative.  Great job!!!!!!-
  Looks great! Thanks for continuing to shed light on and keep my father legacy alive. Much thanks and kind regards. -Ty Connally
The website is awesome.  Looking forward to chatting with you.- Trey Gott (Blenko designer-1996)  
  I love this site. Thank you for the color comparisons. I have always had a hard time with colors. I also love seeing samples of what each designer has designed. I have not seen Trey Gott mentioned anywhere else can you please tell us more about him? This site has been a great place for a quick reference. Thank you all for creating it. -Illinois
To the beginning collector, to the expert collector, this site gets thumbs up! The wealth of knowledge that a collector can gain from this site cannot be achieved by any glass book on the market. Congrats!!!! -Rick, Huntington, West Virginia  
  I would like to say, this is THE best site I have encountered in my search for Blenko identifications! Thanks to your site, I have been able to properly identify color and designer on many pieces I have purchased for resale, and have gotten what the items are worth. Thank you sooooooo very much. Susan, Calif.


We have become avid Blenko collectors and this site has helped us SO MUCH! We use the "Is It Blenko" page to distinguish between real Blenko and other copies.  Also, the "Colors" page has helped us differentiate between ALL the beautiful colors the glass comes in.  Finally, this site is so informative with the history of the Blenko designers and their works of art.  Enough cannot be said how much we appreciate the Blenko Collectors website and all the information it has provided to us. Thank you so much!!! Chris and Heidi - Charleston, WV  
The new Blenko Collector site just keeps getting better. Enjoyed the piece on Dave Osborn and the Airtwist photo's! - Rick
Fantastic and amazing knowledge of American hand made glassware. Truly accurate information. -Robert McKeand Formerly of Pilgrim Glass (retired after 42 years) also seen in Leslie Pina books.
  This is one of the most conclusive and thoroughly designed Blenko sites- James
Hi...I'm new to Blenko...thought I would just let you know how helpful your site is to the new collector.  I realize it must take loads of time and effort ...thought I write and let you know it is appreciated....very much.....................Darleen  
   I checked out your collectors' website and learned a lot today about Blenko that I never knew before.  Your site is very helpful.  Thank you.

Chris and Judy Delaware, OH

Thanks to the internet I know now I am not alone in my appreciation and will pass down to my children the significance of this beautiful form of art. Thanks,
Judy - Georgia




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