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Cleaning Blenko Glass
With so much information available online, cleaning Blenko Glass can be a complex and confusing issue.

 Other than mild household glass cleaners,  we do not advocate one method over any other for cleaning Blenko Glass due to liability issues. We strongly urge collectors NOT to clean their Blenko Glass with any strong acids, denture cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners or other chemicals.  Many Blenko pieces that were moderately dirty have been ruined by improper cleaning.

While any cleaning method has certain risks associated with it, Blenko is a soft glass and we only recommend professional glass cleaning. Contact your professional glass cleaner about benefits and risks associated with their specific procedures. When contacting a professional cleaner DO let them know that it is Blenko and much softer than other glass.

Remember, even if you do have a professional do the job, there is always a risk of further damage.






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