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Mike Jenkins- September 29, 1947- January 3, 2006
If you have ever visited the Blenko factory, you have probably seen or met Mike Jenkins. He was a finisher at Blenko for many many years. He succumbed to cancer on January 3, 2006. He will be missed by all that knew him.

The Blenko Four

When the Governor of West Virginia came to visit this summer, we saw Mike without his signature cigar for the first time.  
  Here Mike helps Teri make a lip on a water bottle. Mr. Mischief.
All the Blenko employees are great but Mike was special because he always wanted me to make a piece of glass and the truth is I think it was to laugh at me!

My most memorable is when my husband John made a piece and Mike insisted John finish this piece.. That is when Blenko decided to be a finisher one must have a right thumb unlike my husband! Mike said, "That must be a Husted design."

Tammy Kosla
Mike was a great guy... I so enjoyed working with him... He was the best..
I'm glad I had the privilege of working with him!

As you probably know, I worked with his dad on so many designs and Mike and I had a good laugh while working on the Olana designs and I instinctively called him "Grandma".

Wayne Husted
I am saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mike Jenkins.  I worked closely with Mike on several of my designs and I will say that it was pure joy for me. He worked the glass like a true master and made my designs come to life.   His ever present cigar and  skill with the pipe will be truly missed.  


Matt Carter




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