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Fun at the Factory
I am amazed every time we go to Blenko just how easy the workers make every thing look. I don't know how they do it. Especially with us bumbling around. Somehow they are aware we are there and still are extremely professional and patient with us. Thanks to all of them for allowing us to intrude on their space.
The Blenko factory is still a VERY popular place for school field trips. This particular group was very enthusiastic. Every time a step in glassmaking was completed, they cheered and applauded.
Barry gets to make a pitcher or two.
Barry discusses with Dave why he shouldn't be allowed to pick up a blowpipe. Dave talks Barry into doing it and he makes two pitchers.
The pitchers are moved on to the capable finishers. Adding a handle
Applying the handle Ready for the lehr.
Here is Barry's (and many other competent people) handiwork.
Putting a lip on a water bottle (Blenko #384)
Water bottle ready to come out of the mold. See the bubble of glass on top? That bubble is why water bottles do NOT have pontils.
Carrying it over to have it ruined by Teri Teri wondering what she is getting into and Mike in back laughing at her...
Mike shows Teri the right way to hold the stick tool to make the lip on the bottle. Success!
NEXT! Finished bottle.
2 Color spin bowl
Globs of hot glass in the mold  
Adding the second color  
Spun Tipping the mold to get ready for the lehr.
Finished bowl
Rodney ruins his steak. Hanging out with the cats.
Cheri & son, Dustin. Barry & Teri
Jane Nickerson & sister, Helen  




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