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Fenton Glass

Fenton Glass is still in business and they can be found on the web here: Fenton Art Glass


Back row: Fenton specially made for Levay the Wild Roses and Bowknot in Historic Burmese in 1979. There were only 5 items made in the line.
Hand painted burmese pitcher was sold on the QVC Show of October, 1990. First piece of Burmese exclusively made for QVC. This particular piece is signed W.C. Fenton (Bill Fenton).

Fenton Burmese Scenic Rose Bowl. The scenic line was Fenton's first hand painted landscape decoration. Painted on Satin Burmese it was offered on only 7 items. This is the no. 7424 rose bowl made from 1974-1980.

Fenton Roses on Burmese Pinch vase made from 1972 to 1980.
Fenton Hobnail in French Opalescent and Cranberry Opalescent.
This picture is Blue Opalescent Hobnail.
Opalescent Coin Dot, Ruby Overlay Dot Optic and Overlay Bubble Optic.
Fenton made for L.G Wright Ruby Overlay Dot Optic Apothocary Jar.
The double handled vase or urn. Fenton made this piece in Blue Opalescent glass in the Coin Dot Pattern from 1947 to 1950. It is the no. 194 mold style and stands 11" tall.
Fenton only made this piece for a short time from 1957 to 1959. It is the no. 1438 CR 8 1/2" bowl in Cranberry Opalescent color and Coin Dot pattern. The crimped ruffled edge is shaped into a six point star pattern.
Fenton only made Powder Blue Bubble Optic Overlay from 1961 to 1962. Only four different items were made. This piece is the no. 1350 5" Vase.
The 7" bowl no. 1427 in French Opalescent with a double crimp ruffle was made from 1947 to 1953.
Blue Dogwood on Cameo Satin, rare 5 petal mistake.
The five petaled blue dogwood was a Fenton mistake only produced for a few days in January 1980. As the story goes, a decorator had painted a lovely arrangement of blue flowers. This design did not have a name and someone who didn't know much about flowers called it "blue dogwood". It wasn't until after the catalogs were printed and production began that it was realized that this was not a dogwood flower, it had five petals. Some items did manage to make it out of the factory. Fenton then changed the decoration to a blue dogwood flower with four petals. The original line consisted of 20 items. I have 7 of the items shown here.
Fenton Opalescent Spiral Optic. All pieces made only during 1939.
Stiegel Blue Opalescent Spiral Optic 8" no. 186 vase with a plain flared top.
French Opalescent in Spiral Optic no. 201 7" special rose bowl.
Stiegel Blue Opalescent Spiral Optic. Fenton didn't feature this vase in it's regular line. It is a variation of the no. 201 vase with a different top treatment. This vase has also been referred to as a whimsey spittoon.
Stiegel Blue Opalescent Spiral Optic no. 1522 10" bowl with Jack in the Pulpit shape.
Shelly Fenton signs some glass and an ad of herself for Tammy Kosla. Photo and signature getting courtesy of Bill Pratt.




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