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Rainbow Glass Company
The Rainbow Art Company was first founded in 1940 by President J. Goudaker and Vice President Henry P. Manus in Long Island City, New York. Hand decorated Rainbow items were sold in every state as well as in Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, British India, and South America.
Rainbow was located in Huntington, West Virginia from 1942 - 1973. They only decorated glass from 1942 - 1954. Glass was purchased from other Glass Companies and decorated with painting and staining among other techniques. From 1954 - 1973 they made their own glass. In 1973 the company was sold to Viking glass. The factory burned in 1983. Many Rainbow items can be found with Viking stickers showing that the Rainbow items were popular enough to continue making for many years.
Made Prior to 1954 when they only decorated glass.
  This decanter can be seen in an advertisement for the Company in August 1947.
These pictures are of glass made at Rainbow.
Examples of Tangerina & Amberina  
This is a picture of a Rainbow glass plaque.
These stickers are samples of all Rainbows stickers used through out the years.




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